Not Just Plastic Hoi An

We collect plastic waste from various individuals, businesses and schools and expand the number of plastic partners weekly

Hoi An

Plastic Partners

Material Recycling Facility

We recycle your plastic waste

Blue Recycling Houses

Bring your plastic waste to us

Please note we only accept clean plastic waste.

Any questions to the type of plastic waste or the condition of the waste, then just email or call us

Not Just Plastic

You Hub
Village 4
Cam Thanh Commune

Sunday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Contact people
Mr. Bao 070 231 6260
Mr. Frantz 037 276 7278


Any questions or enquries, please feel free to reach out to the Not Just Plastic team:

Bao: 070 231 6260

Frantz: 037 276 7278