not just a story

world's first one-piece bamboo bottle

not just a bottle

Vietnamese smiling eyes

Our Mission

Reduce the global use of single-use products by offering sustainable alternatives and products that will provide water and electricity solutions to rural schools and communities.

What do we do?
We challenge current production techniques, materials and designs via zero waste, holistic, cradle-to-cradle and circular economy perspectives both locally in Denmark and in Vietnam.
Why we do it?
It's not just about how cheaply a product can be made, but how a product can be produced responsibly, using waste, natural materials and limiting production waste

Why the name?

Giving Back Initiatives



not just a bottle

Frantz got the idea of making a reusable drinking bottle from one-piece bamboo


not just a bottle

Time spent designing and developing the not just a bottle concept, while selling other unique handmade bamboo products from Vietnam


not just bamboo

Started selling the world's first one-piece bamboo bottle online, to re-sellers and to corporate companies. From each bottle sold we put aside 1$ to our Giving Back Initiatives


not just group

Not able to produce the unique handmade bottles due to the global situation. Time spent developing new products, ideas and initiatives


not just group

We are excited to re-launch the homepage with new sustainable products i.e. the Wood LIFE cup and other products and initiatives