We are excited to offer the sustainable activewear brand Girlfriend Collective. The company was founded in 2016 and they are committed to creating the best active wear by upcycling the world’s waste like post-consumer water bottles and their customers old pieces through their ReGirlfriend program.

Girlfriend Collective is handmade in Vietnam and their values are alined with not just group's as they believe 'you don’t have to sacrifice the Earth for great quality and performance'.


Recycled Materials
All of the clothing is made from at least 79% recycled materials and they carefully source the waste such as post-consumer water bottles and cotton linter from carefully chosen partners.

Ethical Manufacturing
Sacrificing the people who make their clothing shouldn’t be industry standard, and will never be. All Girlfriend Collective pieces are cut and sewn in SA8000 or WRAP-certified factories that guarantee fair and livable wages, a safe and healthy workplace, and no forced or child labor, ever. They make regular visits throughout the year to their factories to ensure ethical production and say hello.

Eco-Friendly Dyes
All of the pieces are dyed using OEKO and Bluesign-certified dyes, and any water used is thoroughly cleaned and cooled before it is released. Every single drop of water used to dye the fabric is sent to a wastewater treatment plant 100 feet away from the machines. Any dye mud resulting from the process is sent to a pavement facility to be recycled into paving stones.

GRSO - The polyester yarn is certified recycled by GRS, the Global Recycling Standard. There is a disturbing trend in recycled fabrics in which some companies will purchase new plastic bottles and then “recycle” them into fabric. That’s not the case with us.

Oeko-Tex - Their dyes are certified by Oeko-Tex, a worldwide independent testing and certification system that tests for harmful substances in textiles and materials and also commits to responsibility of, and strict adherence to, the respect of human rights, core labour standards and environmental protection.

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