From waste to cup customisation

Waste is wonderful
We don't see waste as a problem, rather as an opportunity to utilise and support our production process and local wood factories. By sourcing and producing in Denmark we also leave a limited negative impact on our environment.

Sustainability is the new innovation
We focus strongly on making reusable drinking cups more efficient and effective, using fewer resources and leaving as little impact upon the environment as possible. 

Sustainability to us means questioning current working methods, designs, and materials, manufacturing products with a conscious, creative and holistic approach.

Zero Waste Production
The cups are made from materials that can be recycled again into new reusable drinking cups. If a cup produced doesn't meet the production quality control we can reuse the material and turn it into a new cup. 

Re-Life cups
We can also collect old Wood LIFE cups and turn them into Re-LIFE: recycled drinking cups.

We are excited to offer the opportunity of producing custom made cups. We can laser burn your company logo or text to each cup and also custom make the lid color.

For custom made orders or questions please contact Frantz at or at +45 2627 5541.