Our Mission

Reduce the global use of single-use products by offering sustainable alternatives and products that will provide water and electricity solutions to rural schools and communities.

Why We Do it?

It's not just about how cheaply a product can be made - it is how a product can be produced responsibly, using waste, natural materials and limiting production waste.

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What We Do?

We challenge current production techniques, materials and designs via zero waste, holistic, cradle-to-cradle and circular economy perspectives both locally in Denmark and in Vietnam.

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How We Do It?

Use this section to explain a set of product features, to link to a series of pages, or to answer common questions.

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Giving Back Initiatives

Why the name?

When you buy from 'not just group', you are 'not just' buying an innovative and eco-friendly product produced under conscious and holistic principles, you are also supporting our Giving Back Initiatives in Vietnam and Nepal.