Mai Chau 2022

We have installed water filtration projects in Mai Chau since 2017 and are now excited to distribute SaWa water purification bags in Mai Chau District with the help of the local Government and schools.

Through our Giving Back Initiative we have distributed 65 SaWa bags to primary-, secondary- and boarding schools in Mai Chau district. 

Above video is from a rural secondary and primary school of 618 Ethnic Minority H'Mong students in the mountainous area. 

We have also donated SaWa bags to an Ethnic Minority Boarding school of 500 students and a Primary School in Mai Chau city. 

Many thanks to the local Government for allowing us to donate SaWa bags to the rural schools and to First Trust ACPA and Grant Thornton for their time and support.

We are looking forward to visiting the schools again in 2022 and to see the SaWa bags in use.