Sapa 2019

Sapa is a mountains area located in northern Vietnam. Many students are living at the boarding schools from Monday to Saturday, others walk long distances every day to and from their farming houses.

In March 2019 we built two water filtration projects at two rural boarding schools providing sustainable drinking water to a total of 300 students and teachers.

Together with our solar panel partner, ShareTech Co. Limited we did also install a 5,4 kW installation with batteries at a rural school providing sustainable drinking water and electricity to 80 students and teachers. The boarding school students did not have electricity prior to the installation.

The Giving Back Initiatives were mentioned in a local Vietnamese newspaper. You can read it HERE.

Many thanks to the local Government for letting us install water and solar projects at the rural boarding schools, and many thanks to ShareTech Co. Ltd., VuPhong Co. Ltd. and the newspaper Kinhle and Dothi for following us during the installations.